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Our website aims to give you an insight into life and work at the academy.We are commited to ensuring that the quality of the provision and that every student has a happy and enjoyable experience while being challenged to achieve their absolute best.

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    Lebanese Academy of Beauty is a training center that provides high quality education in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy.
    It is animated by a team of motivated young people and many contributors from outside.

    We specialize in intense and flexible learning schedules and programs allowing the study to be suitable for each and yet receive an excellent training with high qualified instructor.The tutors are all therapist within the industry which enables them to remain updated with all the latest beauty treatments

    LAB asists students who are looking to progress their career in the industry or for who are looking for a career change,we inspire and help them to bring out there best and we are committed to making there experience at LAB positive while they explore their talents and abilities 

    Freindly classes ,competency based assesments LAB has a beautiful modern facilities with the latest equipments and teaching techniques followed by a strong program  that enables students to have the latest most updates and recent training possible.

    Courses include theory work,tests,project work,demostrations and workshops.Trainees receive both guidance and monitoring to ensure the learning goals are being achieved.After the training period ends the classes will remain open to the students that can return anytime in the future to refresh prioously taught units.

    We also provide an up to date posting board in each class for career placement assistance.Hihgly respected Centers,Salons,Spas and Successful Corporations are interested in employing a large number of our graduates on a continuous basis,while many other graduates have opened their own successful businesses 

    However in order to gain a fuller knowledge about LAB, we invite you to come and visit us. You can attend a course and meet our professional team of professors. Our objective goes from the simple advanced course to the most elaborate courses.
    Be assured that we remain at your disposal to answer all your questions.

  • Ladies

    You have expressed your interest in our profession.

    In our society today, Esthetics and Cosmetics are in fact a profession for the future. That being said, we seek to provide you with all opportunity to guarantee your success.
    The teaching we provide in our premises ensures the professional training of the beautician, as our students benefit from modern pedagogical methods. On the other hand, vocational training can take place within the institute or in any other professional premises in the world of Esthetics and Cosmetics.

    We invite you to meet with us for a broader knowledge and this will also be an occasion to visit our premises to have a more concrete idea about our profession.
    We look forward to receiving you,

    Yours faithfully,
    Dany Attie