Professional Beauty & Artistic Makeup
The academy trains professional

Professional Beauty & Artistic Makeup

The academy trains professional make-up artists for the Cinema, the Theatre, the Shows, Television, the Videos Clips, Publicity, the Press, and Beauty quite simply
The courses of make-up specially relates to the use of the Products and their Choices according to the occasions and events, emphasizing the physical aspect of the face transformed into a sculpture but alive and shining with all its cells.
The objective goes from the simple advanced course to the more elaborate courses.
Duration of the course : 3 months 
Private & intensive Courses are also available.
  • Make-up Psychology
  • Studies, analyses and techniques of applying all kinds of products
  • Morphological studies of faces (lines, volumes and expressions)
  • The technique: the intensity point, the layered cut, stretching, enlarging…
The make-up types studies are beauty make-up, natural make-up, day make-up, night make-up, exceptional make-up for receptions or weddings, classical or trendy make-up…
All these types of make-up are applied in a way that highlights or stylize the model in alignment with its morphology and type “European, oriental woman”.
  • Black and white photo make-up: natural, trendy, sophisticated
  • Color photo make-up
  • Promotional photo make-up
  • Fashion show make-up
The types of make-up evolve according to the trends with respect to the their techniques from thick eye-shadow to dry eye-shadow and from natural to sophisticated. Many conceptions are carried out for a specific product, magazine, brand, stylist, design…
Esthetic and Cosmetic
The skin treatments course will

Esthetic and Cosmetic

The skin treatments course will include all the information needed to become the ultimate aesthetic practitioner,with a deep knowledge of the skin conditions and product with the latest machines used for Microdermabrasion,Mesotherapy & Crystal treatments.This course fully prepares you with a solid foundation and the practical experience required to enter the industry.We will connect you with salons,spas and medical practices that are seeking to hire trained therapists.

Duration of the course: 3 month 

The program contains theory courses and practical courses
The theory is divided into four core subjects:
    1. Aesthetics
    2. Dermatology
    3. Cosmetology
    4. Biology


   The history of aesthetics
   Hygiene and behavior of the beautician
   The cabin and its furniture
   The facial protocol
   The facial massage
   The machines used in cosmetic
   The various facials and working time
   The body scrub and body wrap

 Dermatology :
  • Allergic skin diseases
  • The contagious skin diseases
  • Chronic skin diseases
  • Wrinkles
  • The polymorphous juvenile acne
  • Diseases of the skin appendage

 Cosmetology :
  • Definition
  • Surface and depths products
  • Biocatalysts
  • The quality of cosmetics
  • Sale of products
 Biology :
  • The skin and the cell
  • The different skin types
  • The pH of the skin
  • The solar radiation in the skin
  • The nervous system
  • The circulation
  • Breathing
  • Muscles and movements
  • The lymphatic circulation
  • The microbial flora
  • Menopause and skin reaction





Permanent Makeup & Body Tattoo
The training is systematically c

Permanent Makeup & Body Tattoo

The training is systematically carried out under the strict supervision of a professor.
This session consists on theory & practice,it teaches the basics of the permanent makeup as from shaping eyebrows,
contouring & filling lips ,color theory,proper sanitation & safety,use of products & aftercare
Duration of the course: 3 months
Program:  Body Tattoo 
  • Condition of customer - (age of customer)
  • Design sheets-(display of design)
  • Indexing of designs
  • Design selection- (selection of location)
  • Transfer making & placement- (transfer machines)
  • Customer positions - Skin tightness
  • After care -(reasons for failure)
  • Machine setting
  • Black outline theory-Shading theory
  • Colour theory 
  • Cover ups 
  • Hygiene - Autoclaves - Studio layout
  • First aid - Pricing
  • Equipment
Nail Technology
Many of the students are conside

Nail Technology

Many of the students are considering new career in the nail or they are already experienced technicians willing to refresh and improve their current knowledge. Nail training at LAB consists on increase of skills and confidence so students be able to work in the industry.This is one of the most creative, gratifying and lucrative professions in the beauty sector.
You can find your career in many different environments like salons,day & medical spas,clinics or private practice.
Duration of the course : 3 month


Professional Image
Hand and nail anatomy -physiology
Bacteria and other infectious agents 
Hygiene and disinfection 
Tools & Safety
Nail diseases and disorders
Customer Consultation
Manicure (hand & arm massage techniques)
Foot Beauty
Depilation (wax techniques ) 
Eye brow threading
Acrylic Nails 
Gel Nails 
Creative Touch
Massage Session
Program    A

Massage Session

  • Anatomy briefing
  • History of massage
  • Ancient techniques
  • Materials & equipments
  • Techniques & methods
  • Type of Massage : Relaxing (body – feet – head & shoulders)- Slimming (body: tights-arms-belly...)                                        Drainage (body & face)
  • Reshaping techniques & methods
  • Basic methods
  • Creativity in achieving new personal techniques
  • Work station (Hygiene-Creation of a mood – Room preparation…)
  • Administration & business (managing their own business)
Eyelash Extension Session
Learn how to apply natural looking

Eyelash Extension Session

Learn how to apply natural looking eyelash extensions.This program is ideal for those looking to take their eyelash education and
skill to an advanced level.This course will be taken as a private session on a previously scheduled basis going on 3 days which will include:

  • Theory & Safety information
  • Product overview & use
  • Client & Workspace preparation
  • Lash application & removal
  • Aftercare & Tips
Microblading Technique
Microblading is a manual technique

Microblading Technique

Microblading is a manual technique for eyebrow permanent makeup that is becoming very popular in the last few years all across the world.
This session is for certified permanent makeup artists who are willing to get involved more in diffrent techniques for eyebrow tattooing.
It is taken as a private session on a previously scheduled basis going on for 5 day 
Hair Styling
The courses of hairstyling last

Hair Styling

The courses of hairstyling last nine months with the end of which each student obtain a certificate of qualification, a new system in Lebanon, which enables  to make a training course in a famous hairdresser. Indeed the student master key two days at the academy and four days in a well known hairdresser salon.
Courses of specialization are also available in Cut, Colours, Chignon 
They learn the bases of this career in a progressive way.


  • Capillary study: birth of the hair, diagnosis and hair Problems
  • Diagnosis and Technical care with product: Theory and practical – care ritual


  • Techniques put in folds: Practical
  • Drier Technique
  • Haute coiffure: Basic - Advanced and practical


  • Cutting Techniques: Basic- Modern Advanced
  • Usage techniques : scissors - razor - brushes


  • Study of the structure of the hair
  • Smoothing and permanent straightening
  • Hair diagnosis
  • Diagnose problems
  • Product of form


  • Colouring Technique: to see natural color - bottom clearing up
  • Study scale of colouring
  • Base and reflection: Theory and practical
  • Streaks & highlights: traditional and modern
  • Innovations (Collection fall/winter –spring /summer)

Education System

  • Qualification contract: 2 days in the academy and 4 days practical work at a hairdressing salon
  • Duration :9 months
Special Effects Makeup and Prosthetics
This course will teach you the skil

Special Effects Makeup and Prosthetics

This course will teach you the skills and techniques to bring you to the next level in your career as a makeup artist.Working as a makeup artist in film,TV,or theater you will need to know how to do this type of special effects makeup.This training is essential ,it will help you learn techniques such as brusises,cuts ,bullet wounds(entry or exit),deep cut scratches,scars,(cut or burned),facial hair application,bald caps and old-age makeup that are part of a wide range of casualty effects which are always in high demand in the entertainment industry.
Also throughout this course,you will learn how to create professional quality ,realistic injuries,aging characters,understanding wounds,color shades,cutting off heads & throats,throbbing veins and prosthetic appliances starting from making a life cast all the way to applying and painting the pieces.
The Special FX Makeup course has been designed to accommodate all skill levels.No prior experience is required.

Basic Course Duration : 1 month - 3 days of 5 hours daily

 Introduction & Old Age Makeup
 Bald caps
 Facial hair
 Bruises , Injuries & Tattoos

Advanced Course Duration : 2 month - 3 days of 5 hours daily

·         Introduction to FX, tools and materials. Distribution of kits
·         Old Age Stipple and  Practice
·         Facial Hair and Practice
·         Bald Cap and Practice
·         Injuries (black eye, scars, burns, broken nose, tattoo transfer)and practice
·         Life Casts  and Baking them
·         Sculpting techniques and textures
·         Sculpting
·         Flashing sculptures ,making molds and baking them
·         Running foam and Baking them
·         Second Foam run and Baking them
·         Third foam run (if needed)
·         Choosing color scheme and costume
·         Mixing PAX paint
·         Pre-painting the foam pieces
·         Application of the foam pieces ,Costumes and taking photos
·         Airbrush practice